The Atria Difference

Bringing heart back to the property market. We promise to provide all our clients with an exceptional level of care, guidance and advice.


The Atria team are experienced realtors

This means we have in-depth knowledge about not only the value of homes and investment properties across Melbourne’s southeast, but also understanding nuances of communities within Melbourne suburbs. This helps us to support people in purchasing a property in a neighbourhood that suits their needs, whether that be family, schooling, shopping, transport or investment.

Our approach, philosophy and values are founded on the principles of delivering exceptional customer service. That is why we go above and beyond to exceed our client’s expectations, supporting each client with the same high level of compassion, dedication, and excellence.

Atria was created to solve a problem.

We are a new agency with first-class property agents that are forward-thinking and digitally savvy to ensure the highest level of quality service, communications, and results for our valued clients.

We proactively seek and attract property sellers who appreciate our honest, intelligent and sophisticated approach to real estate.

If you are thinking of selling your home, or just want a sense of what your home could achieve on the market, we would love to meet you.


Set your property apart with high-quality video.

Video is a powerful way to help sell your home. It maximises views, increases audience engagement and creates impact to assist the buying process.

We understand what it takes to deliver high-quality, beautifully composed videos that highlight all your house has to offer, and ultimately help the sales process. We use Melbourne’s best still photographers and property stylists to create a powerful and inspiring video.

Know your worth

Interested in selling your property but unsure what it may be worth? That's where the Atria team comes in. Our years of real estate experience and in-depth market insights means we can provide you with a realistic appraisal of your property.

Delivering bespoke and tailored services.

Every single property has its own story which is why the Atria team are dedicated to delivering tailored and personalised services to all of our clients.

Our combined experience from within real estate and management consulting, travel and leadership provides the foundations on which we are building successful collaborative relationships with clients. Atria is exciting because we’re doing things differently. As experienced sales strategists, we work to deliver the best offer from the best buyer.


We believe in giving back

We are proud to be donating 10% of all of ATRIA’s profits to help young girls across Australia, many of whom come from indigenous and disadvantaged backgrounds, through our corporate sponsorship of Girls from Oz. We have already funded several programs for young women in remote areas of Australia. Watch the video below to see the great work Girls from Oz are doing and how we are helping.


Building Relationships.
Delivering Results

Keep your finger on the pulse

Stay up to date with the latest housing market trends, local knowledge and insights from the Atria team.

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