Simone Chin

Simone Chin is a multi award winning agent and one of Bayside's most successful, being the only female auctioneer in the area. ATRIA REAL ESTATE was formed to give vendors the best possible experience as they undertake the journey to sell their homes.

Simone Chin

Bidding like a boss on auction day.

There are few situations more stressful and fraught than bidding at a real estate auction for the property you’ve fallen hard for. Eminem might well have been describing the fear of the novice bidder when rapping ‘palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy…nervous, but on the surface…looks calm and ready’. Our auction experts at…Read More→

Navigating a buyers’ market

While we say ‘good riddance’ to 2021 and collectively cross our fingers that the worst of the pandemic is over, it also looks like we’ll farewell the boom times of auction theatrics, prices rocketing past reserves and queues of potential buyers that are typical of a sellers’ market. That’s right, the New Year will kick…Read More→

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